UTokyo Open Days
Held on 2021

UTokyo Open Days

How to Approach Japan-China Relations [JP]
Akio Takahara


The pandemic that erupted last year has made the handling of Japan-China relations even more difficult. What is the way to approach Japan-China relations in a cool-headed, objective manner? In this lecture, the speaker presents a holistic, integrated analytical framework and applies it to illuminate the current state of Japan-China relations.

The University of Tokyo annually holds an open campus event mainly for high school students who intend to apply for the university in the near future. There are many kinds of activities such as mini-lectures, campus tours, talk sessions with UTokyo students, and so on. This content particularly delivers a scene from the information session about The University of Tokyo.

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- This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.

the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP) / Professor

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