AY2023 SCERU Seminar / GraSPP Research Seminar
Held on 2023

AY2023 SCERU Seminar / GraSPP Research Seminar

The 9th SCERU Public Seminar: Europe whole and free - a work in progress and a gain for the world: Perspective from Latvia
Krišjānis Kariņš


00:00 Title and Terms of Use
00:16 Introducing of Dr. Kariņš from Chair
01:29 Opening remarks by vice dean
03:37 Summary of today's topic from Chair
05:16 Foreign minister/ Dr. Kariņš keynote speech opening
06:44 About Latvia, nation and history with geopolitics, until 1920
08:36 Second World war; divided the east of Europe and Baltic countries by Hitler and Stalin
09:48 End of Second World war; Soviet occupation when starts
11:25 How Latvia take their country back from Russia and became a free independent country
13:32 Very rapid and hard transformation to cement Latvia as a member of EU and NATO
15:08 European Union; valued based union, rule of law exists
16:50 Russian war in Ukraine. When it started? 2022? 2014? Who standed Ukrainian side?
18:24 War in Middle East, with interrelation of Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea just same as Ukraine War
21:49 Understanding Russia.
24:31 If Russia gets Ukraine?
27:19 Democratic nations interrelation and all our ties need to strengthen; just one country will never able to stop it
29:24 Work and train together with various country armies as a member of NATO
30:50 What we all can do today to avoid any worse scenario is to fully and wholeheartedly continue to support Ukraine
32:11 Recall of bad times which sudden war of Ukraine show us
34:47 Message for Japan
35:14 Closeing remarks from Chair
35:33 End Title
The ninth SCERU Public Seminar invited H.E. Mr Krišjānis Kariņš, Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Prime Minister of Latvia, as a guest speaker. Within 10 years of the post-Cold War era, Latvia transformed itself from a country occupied by the USSR to a democratic nation fully integrated into both the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Foreign Minister Kariņš, in a speech entitled "Europe Whole and Free,” presented the Latvian perspective on his country's remarkable transition. He argues that the preservation of a rules-based international order is essential not only for the survival of a small country such as Latvia but also for the preservation of the free world today. For like-minded countries, Mr Kariņš stressed the importance of multilateral institutions today as a way of deterring aggression and preserving foundational values -- fundamental freedoms, democracy and the rule of law.

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Republic of Latvia / Minister for Foreign Affairs

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