UTokyo Special Talk Event
Held on 2022

UTokyo Special Talk Event

Net Positive: a mindset shift for courageous leaders willing to do what it takes to create an equal and sustainable world
Paul Polman, Teruo Fujii, Naoko Ishii


This is the video of dialogue with Mr. Paul Polman, who has experience as a business representative involved in the setting of the SDGs.
The first half of the event started with opening remarks from the President Teruo Fujii followed by a “fire side chat” between Mr. Polman and Prof. Naoko Ishii, Executive Vice President of the university and moderator of the event. Through their dialogue, Mr. Polman reported the contents of the discussions at two major conferences held in November 2022 (G20 in Indonesia and COP27 in Egypt), and he discussed the importance of food production system on the global climate change issues as well as the role of broader coalition of various stakeholders rather than the old frameworks created after the Second World War (WTO, WB, IFM, OECD).
In the latter half of the event, the participating students were able to ask the speakers questions related to the dialogue. Mr. Polman answered encouraging the audience to acknowledge the social responsibility of those who are fortunate enough to be students at the world's top universities, and advised how to enlighten or satisfy those who are not interested in global issues.

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 IMAGINE / Co-Founder and Chairman, International Chamber of Commerce / Honorary Chairman, Unilever / Former CEO
the University of Tokyo / President
the University of Tokyo  Executive Vice President, Professor

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