SCERU Seminar / GraSPP Research Seminar
Held on 2022

SCERU Seminar / GraSPP Research Seminar

SCERU Public Seminar: Ukraine’s Strategic Communications: Can Words Overcome Weapons?
Alina Frolova, Lutz Guellner, Philip Shetler-Jones, Chiyuki Aoi


Since Russia’s brutal invasion on 24 February 2022, Ukraine has faced the need to organize Strategic Communications to effectively mount defenses against the savagery of the aggression. On what principles and modalities were such Strategic Communications organized? What were the lessons learned from this experience? Further, what has been the EU role in assisting Ukraine in terms of Strategic Communications in countering Russian aggression? What were the specific challenges and lessons learned in this partnership?

Ms. Alina Frolova, a prominent practitioner of Strategic Communications in Ukraine, will share her candid assessment of the Strategic Communications employed by the Ukrainian government as a defensive and offensive tool against Russian aggression. Her presentation will be followed by the analysis of Mr. Lutz Guellner, the EU official in charge of EU-wide Strategic Communications policy. He will critically assess the EU role in assisting Ukraine in its effort to defend against Russian aggression and how the EU and Ukraine's efforts were effectively joined in Strategic Communications to counter Russian aggression.

This session will be moderated and commented upon by Dr. Philip Shetler-Jones, a crisis management expert from the EU project “Enhancing Security Cooperation in and With Asia” (ESIWA) project.

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Centre for Defence Strategies  / Deputy Chairperson
European External Action Service  / Head of Division
the EU project Enhancing Security Cooperation in and with Asia (ESIWA)  the Thematic Coordinator for Crisis Management
the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP) / Professor

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