The second symposium “The process of learning”[JP]
Held on 2022

The second symposium “The process of learning”[JP]

Curriculum design and lessons for improving quality of learning
Kiyomi Akita


00:00 タイトル
20:23 講演概要
2:25:02 カリキュラムオーバーロード克服から深い学びへ
6:20:25 探求の学びのサイクルと学びのストーリー
10:18:04 学びが繰り上がる瞬間
12:17:12 学びにおけるスローと事例
18:11:05 学びの繰上りへの探求
21:02:08 エンドタイトル

The second symposium “The process of learning

The University of Tokyo and Nagase Brothers Inc. have established “The Future Society Initiative fund of Nagase and UTokyo Innovative Learning Creation Studies” to contribute to developing an inclusive society through education. At the second symposium, we will focus on learners and introduce the advanced research and practical precedence of “The process of learning” and Learning environment.

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Gakushuin University Faculty of Letters Department of Education Professor / the University of Tokyo Emeritus Professor

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