“Creators” of the future
Held on 2021

“Creators” of the future

Propelling our way of life through technology [JP]
Kosuke Takiguchi


The last century has witnessed the rapid rise of all kinds of electronic technologies.

Kousuke Takiguchi from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems at the University of Tokyo describes his dream: “I want to help create the next 100 years.”
He’s developing technology to support the next generation of semiconductors, which are used everywhere around us.

Semiconductor technology is currently the basis for telecommunications, electrical appliances and many devices in our lives, and holds the power to significantly transform the way we live. In Kousuke’s  words, “Behind the progress in our daily lives, there are scientists and researchers working hard every day to advance the state of technology. For me, supporting this as a developer or researcher is what I want to be doing.” 

We chat with this researcher who values the importance of communication with colleagues during research.

- No subtitles. This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.

The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering / Graduate student

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