“Creators” of the future
Held on 2021

“Creators” of the future

A lack of understanding leads to my feeling of unease [JP]
Hiromasa Otori


"What was my dream for the future?"
When he was in high school, getting into the University of Tokyo itself had become a substitute for a dream for Hiromasa.
After studying abroad in Italy, he became interested in civil engineering by chance, inspired by the cities and people's lives there, and became drawn to civil engineering.
Now in the graduate program at the Department of Civil Engineering, he is working on numerical simulations of floating offshore wind turbines, which are attracting worldwide attention as a means of achieving decarbonization.
Many things we take for granted in our lives, such as water, wind, and human activities have in fact full of unexplained phenomena.

“A lack of understanding leads to my feeling of unease.” We take a closer look at his motivation of pursuing a goal, which has not changed since he was a high school student.

- This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.

The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering / Graduate Student

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